Message from the President September 2007

Dear PNIRS Community;

The 2007 PNIRS annual conference in Archachon, France called Psychoneuroimmunology: Bridging the Gap Between Mind & Disease, was quite a success: a beautiful location on the coast in Normandy, an exciting and thought-provoking scientific program, and wonderful social events and French cuisine. I would like to thank Eric Smith, chair of the scientific program committee and Rose-Marie Bluthe, Lucile Capuron and Robert Danzer, our local hosts, for all their hard work and their excellent contributions to the program.

We are now looking forward to the 2008 annual conference that will take place between May 28-31, 2008 at the Monona Terrace Convention Center, adjacent to the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison. The theme of the meeting is Promoting Innovation in PsychoNeuroImmunology: From Cytokines to Society and our local host is Chris Coe. We have a full and exciting preliminary program, with the following highlights:

The meeting will begin on May 28th with a 3 hour Educational Short Course entitled New Molecular and Biological Approaches in PNI that will focus on signal transduction pathways, mathematical tools for analyzing gene networks, measurement of the tumor microenvironment, and neuroendocrine processes and cellular aging. All topics will focus on their relevance to mechanisms of action in PNI.

The Presidential Symposium entitled Neural Mediation of the Effects of Stress and Psychological Factors on the Endocrine and Immune System will be the first time that neuroimaging techniques and findings will be featured prominently at a PNIRS meeting. The presentations by leaders in this new cross-disciplinary area will allow us to integrate findings from cognitive and affective neuroscience into the field of PNI.

In addition, this year we have expanded educational and interactive opportunities for pre and post-doctoral students interested in PNI. As in prior years, we will hold a Senior Faculty-Trainee Colloquium on the day before the formal meeting begins, to allow selected trainees to have the opportunity to present their research and receive feedback from senior faculty and their peers. In addition, we support a trainee reception so that trainees can meet each other, and a junior faculty-trainee workshop so that individuals who have recently made the transition from trainee to junior faculty can provide career and research insights from their own experience. We will also hold luncheon roundtables so faculty and trainees can interact with program officers from the NIH to obtain grant-relevant advice.

We also hope to have exciting symposia planned and presented by members and non-members of the PNIRS. So please submit your ideas for symposia for the next meeting. We welcome new scientific and conceptual approaches, cutting edge techniques, and integrative ideas. We will put out a call for proposals in September.

We invite PNIRS members and non-members interested in PNI to come to our Madison conference and actively participate in the sessions and activities. We hope you will join us!

Best Regards,

Margaret Kemeny, President, PNIRS